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About Us

Petty Rewind - a Tom Pettty Tribute Band

Petty Rewind, a Charlotte, NC-based tribute band, channels the essence of rock 'n' roll, reviving the legendary music of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Formed in late 2023, the band goes beyond merely covering hits; they create an experience that embodies the authenticity and spirit of Petty's originals, evoking nostalgia and a longing for the raw purity of past music.

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Our Story

Our journey as Petty Rewind is one of destiny, not chance, bringing together kindred spirits who share a deep reverence for Tom Petty's music. Our extensive library, which spans the four-decade career of this rock legend, is carefully balanced with chart-toppers and deeper cuts to resonate with his fans truly. Every performance we give is a pilgrimage through decades of musical excellence.

Our dedication to authenticity is a labor of love. Each note and harmony we play is meticulously crafted to resonate with echoes of the past. Our performances are more than just concerts; they're shared experiences where we, together with our audience, are transported back in time. These moments allow everyone to relive the times when Petty's music was a backdrop to their lives.

Our band's name, Petty Rewind, is our tribute to a journey that offers a rewind through time and a revival of cherished memories. Each concert we perform is an electric, palpable experience, creating memories as enduring as the songs themselves. It's a journey back to the first time our listeners encountered Tom Petty's music, keeping his legacy alive and vibrant.

Our performances are more than just a tribute; they are a resurrection of Petty's music, a living homage to his enduring legacy. Our shows are communal celebrations, where each riff, drumbeat, and lyric calls back to the wild summers of youth and toasts to the resilience of the human spirit.

In our relentless rehearsals and onstage chemistry, Petty Rewind embodies the defiance, tenderness, and indomitable soul of Tom Petty's songs. We are more than just a local sensation; we capture the hearts of die-hard fans and newcomers, proving Petty's music's timeless and universal appeal.

As guardians of Petty's musical legacy, we remind everyone that music can heal, connect, and inspire across generations. Witnessing Petty Rewind is an invitation to sing, dance, remember, and rewind to the times when music was everything. As long as there are stages and audiences, we will continue to honor one of rock's most beloved songwriters, keeping the flame of Tom Petty's music alive, one song at a time.

Band Members

We are a tribute band dedicated to reviving the music of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Since our formation in late 2023, we've strived to cover Petty's hits and recreate an authentic rock experience that profoundly resonates with fans. Our setlist is carefully curated, spanning Petty's four-decade career, as we aim for authenticity, capturing the live essence and spirit of Petty's music. Each of us—myself, HC Oakes on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Robertson on bass and vocals, Paul Marshburn on lead guitar, harmonica, and vocals, Tommy Keys on keyboards and vocals, and Nick Elhini on drums—has a unique connection to Petty's music. This ensures that every performance we give is a journey through rock history. Our concerts are more than shows; they are shared experiences of nostalgia and celebration, where we keep Tom Petty's legacy alive through our dedication and skill.

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